Universal Monsters Celebrates 90th Anniversary with Two Double-Feature Events This October

In honor of the 90th anniversary of Universal Monsters, four classic movie monsters from the golden age of horror are returning to the big screens across the country this Halloween season for a two-day series of double feature films, courtesy of Fathom Events and Universal Studios. look Dracula,, Frankenstein,, The invisible man, and The wolf man on the big screen!

As part of the anniversary events, fans will be treated to an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the historic Universal Studios party and see where these fan-favorite monsters debuted on the big screen and became legendary. The series begins with the original Dracula, starring Bella Lugoshi, who launched the Hollywood horror genre, and the unforgettable masterpiece, Frankenstein, with the participation of Boris Karlov. The Dracula and Frankensteindouble feature will be played in cinemas on Saturday, October 2 from 13:00 (local time).

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Then the series continues with the characteristic adaptation of HG Wells’ The invisible man starring Claude Raines and The wolf man featuring a heartbreaking performance by Lon Cheney. The invisible man and The wolf man double feature will be played in cinemas on Saturday, October 30 from 13:00 (local time). A full list of theatrical locations is available on the Fathom Events website.

Universal Monsters Double Feature Dracula / Frankenstein

“As far as the horror genre is concerned, nothing is more significant than Universal’s classic monster range,” said Tom Lucas, vice president of Studio Relations with Fathom Events. “Since these characters came out in theaters 90 years ago, they have stirred the imagination of the audience with miracles and nightmares, and we are glad that fans of the old and the new will see them bigger than life on the big screen again. “

Universal Monsters Double Feature The Invisible Man / The Wolf Man

If you are not familiar with these classics, first shame on you! Second, what a great way to get acquainted with the monstrous movies that started it all. Dracula? Come on! If one of your favorite scary movies doesn’t include a bloodsucker, I’ll eat my hat! Frankenstein is the pattern for the misunderstood monster, the victim of a mad scientist’s plot. Can you tell Tusk,, The Incredible Hulk,, The fly? This is right in my head. The invisible manhas had three TV series and two remakes, and Kevin Bacon even jumped there with An empty man. The wolf man inspires movies in almost every genre. From Teen wolf,, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,, American werewolf in London,, Thriller,, Wolf of Wall Street.

Bring your garlic, your crosses, your silver bullets, your wooden stakes, or build your own wife to disperse this monster. Strange science!! Glue this back there with Frankenstein paragraph! Squeeze your thumbs so that there is no full moon and go to the theater and get a formal education for the films that gave birth to so many of your favorite contemporaries. I just enjoyed thinking about all my favorite monsters. These films were created by visionaries in cinema, storytelling and special effects in a brand new medium. Give yourself a time travel for Halloween; and get a classic thriller (Cue the Vincent Price. Buy your tickets here.

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