Samurai Soul Trailer Reveals Animated Prequel to Will Smith’s Netflix Hit

The advent of streaming seems to have led to an unexpected resurgence in action anime pianos, with Netflix using the animated route to fill in the gaps left by those annoying action series and movies that just take so much time and money. The last addition to this group is Bright, the critically distorted vehicle of Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, which was directed by David Ayer and had a green sequel in 2018, but although this is still happening, we get an anime adventure called Bright: Samurai soul, which features Marvel’s vocal talent Shang Chi star, Simu Liu.

The trailer for Bright: Samurai soul announces a release date on October 12 for Kyohei Ishiguro’s animated edition, in which Liu plays Izu, a one-eyed samurai who enlists the help of Ryden, an orc and elf who possesses a magic wand that can change the world. While still an anime, the film is described as using a new style of animation that “combines the characteristics of Japanese woodcarving with 3DGC technology.”

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The trailer seems to be working at a level that suggests viewers have seen it Bright and to know something about the universe in which it is located, which includes people and magical beings who co-operate in the world. The original film contains in its fantastic effects a story that speaks volumes about the real world and how different groups of people behave differently depending on their origin and appearance. It would be surprising if this was so obvious in the new film.

Bright: a poster of the samurai soul

While Bright 2 stalled for several years, plagued by problems, including the loss of Ayer as director, Will Smith as in most cases he did not have access due to his schedule, a new writer was hired and last year Louis Letterier entered the directing and it is said that both Smith and Edgerton are on board, but so far nothing else has been heard. However, you would expect this if Netflix made an effort to keep them Bright in the public mind with this new animated film, then there is certainly a reason behind it. So we could still see that the sequel live would arrive somewhere down.

The official summary of Bright: Samurai soul reads: “In the time between the fall of the Shogun and the rise of the Meiji era, a powerful bright light emitted by a stick put an end to the long period of the Shogunate to avoid further bloodshed as Japan began to move into a new era. . Against this background, the one-eyed wandering ronin named Izou, who has lost his reason to live, and Ryden, an orc who hates murder and hopes to leave a thieving life behind, meet separately with a young elf named Sonia. time. Together, they embark on a journey on the road to Tokaido to bring her and the stick she holds safely to the land of the elves to the north. In their way stands the mysterious organization Inferni, which aims to take the wand and revive the dark lord, who intends to rule the entire creation. Inferni also used Meiji’s new government in an attempt to steal the wand from Izou, Raiden and Sonya. Traveling on the Tokaido Road from Kyoto to Yokohama, Izou and Raiden begin their journey to protect the stick. “

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