Norm Macdonald Remembered as Hollywood Pays Tribute to a Comedy Icon

Norm MacDonald’s famous friends unite to pay tribute to the late comedian after his shocking death. For nearly a decade, MacDonald has been secretly battling cancer. He eventually lost that battle on Tuesday when it was announced that Saturday night live the beloved died at the age of 61.

Many Hollywood stars and fellow comedians now pay homage to Norm MacDonald on social media. This includes Artie Lange, who starred in the 1998 comedy Dirty Work with McDonald. Posting his photo with Norm, Artie said, “I’ll miss you forever!”

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“I am just overwhelmed by this Norm MacDonald“says Conan O’Brien, who had Norm as a guest on his talk show on many memorable occasions.” Norm had the most unique comedic voice I’ve ever met, and it was so relentlessly and uncompromisingly funny. I will never laugh so hard again. I am so sad for all of us today. “

Seth Rogen tweeted, “Oh, hell. I was a big fan of Norm MacDonald and essentially snatched his delivery when I started playing. I’d be standing specifically to watch him on a talk show. He was the funniest guest of all. time. Today we lost a comedy giant. One of the greatest of all time. RIP. “

Jim Carrey tweeted, “My dear friend Norm MacDonald came out after a brave 10-year battle. He was one of our most precious gems. An honest and brave comedic genius. I love him.”

“NEOOOO BODAMIT,” says Patton Oswalt. “Oh God, what’s going on. Goodbye, Norm. You’ve never been 100% happy.”

Referring to the legendary part of MacDonald Bob Saget’s comedic central roast, comedian Brian Posen told this story: “One of the hardest moments I laughed at was during Bob Saggett’s roast, while @normmacdonald ate it on purpose, happily clinging to something that the live audience does not buy. Meanwhile, the other comics and I were in tears and awe at one of the funniest people ever. “

Former host of The daily show John Stewart wrote on Twitter: “No one could make you break like Norm MacDonald. Funny and unique. F ** k cancer.”

Directed by Edgar Wright (Last night in Soho) said: “Of the many addictive rabbit holes that you can disappear on the internet, the most enjoyable is the ‘Norm MacDonald chat’. Thanks for all the laughs, Norm, I’m so sorry to see you.”

Gilbert Gottfried posted a photo of himself with MacDonald, Bob Saget and Jeff Ross. The caption reads: “This photo was taken after I was a guest on the Norm show. At dinner, the laughter kept going. It will be missing. RIP Norm Macdonald.”

A tweet from Seth McFarlane reads: “For so many people in comedy, myself included, there was no one funnier than Norm MacDonald. You always hoped he’d hang around after work just to hear his stories and laugh so cheerful and so generous with his personality. I will miss him. “

And star Wars Actor Mark Hamill wrote: “One of the funniest people, #SNL, who has ever produced, is gone, but will never be forgotten. I spent many hours on YouTube over the years, enjoying all the characters he gave us. In a word: GREAT. Rolling on the floor with laughter, thank you for laughing all my life. “

As one of the most beloved comedians today, MacDonald’s death has struck many people. He will be missed a lot by fans around the world. You can check out what some of his other friends and celebrity fans say on Twitter.

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