Is a Marvel Zombies Live-Action Movie Coming Further Down the Line in the MCU?

It took a while Marvel Zombies finally to be presented on screen, but last week’s episode of What will happen to Marvel if …? finally brought the apocalypse of the superhero to the dead MCU. While the animated series examines what could happen in alternate realities, the multiverse has become a more terrifying place with the long-awaited zombie episode that turned Earth’s most powerful characters into meat-eating monsters. Based on the comic from Living Dead’ s Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips, many fans believed that the animated iteration of Marvel’s own Walking Dead was the only time we would see the shocking monsters, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Although there is nothing concrete, as if there is ever something a miracle connected, former Marvel writer Mark Millar has given an equally good indication that something is potentially happening to anyone that could lead to an action version of Marvel Zombies appearing on screen in some form in the future. When or how this can happen is now in the same boat as trying to guess what movies Marvel may be planning for 2025, but even the mere idea that we can see something like this is enough for now.

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Millar wrote the original Civil War story, and a recent newsletter says, “(if my sources are correct) a little live action from Marvel Zombies below, but you’ve never heard that from me.”

This is not the most detailed information ever disclosed, but in the larger scheme of things it is not without merit. What may be considered a little heard by a friend gains a little more weight when considering who Millar is. Kirkman’s Marvel Zombie mini series was separated from a The Fantastic Four comic by Millar. You expect this to mean that all projects, including the evil villains, would be something Millar would be aware of and receive some payoff.

So how exactly can a Marvel Zombie be introduced to the world of MCU action? Given that we are now constantly reminded that we are very much in the multiverse, there are obviously many possible ways for this to happen. If we go back to the numerous interviews for What if …? it is repeatedly said that while the animated show seems to be out MCU it matters in the overall scheme.

There was already a whisper about a sequel to “Captain Carter,” so sticking to the topic of what if, what, if Marvel decides to make a series of live action movies or series based on all these alternate realities he has to play with? Obviously, we would hardly see all the Avengers tearing pieces of flesh from each other in any reality, but with Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness it has already been said that we are on a horror route, is it possible to see the zombies here?

Either way, there’s one thing you can always guarantee when it comes to Marvel; anything is possible, but no one will understand until Marvel asks people to understand. What if …? continues on Disney + with new episodes coming out every Wednesday. This news appeared on

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