How to Get Canadian Work Visa in 2023 | Full Process

Canadian Work Visa in 2023 and you don’t know about the process? We will tell you about Canada Work permit  for finance students who want to work in Canada. You can work in Canada, due to its vast fields in the manufacturing industry, which are natural resources. Canada is a safe country where the lifestyle is so luxurious, so everyone wants to buy and stay in Canada. Maybe you need to wait to get a Canadian work visa because application processes are long compared to other countries.

Work Permit is a written authentication for those who are not Canadian citizens and want to get a work visa. The Canadian work visa is valid only for a few years. After that, you need to renew it. The Canadian work visa is issued only when you get an offer from Employment and Social Development Canada and you need a document of Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) that is provided by the ESDC. The open work permit allows the immigrants to work anywhere in Canada.

Details about the Canadian Work Permit

Processing Time: The Canadian work permit application process may require 1 to 9 months.

Extension: If you need to extend your work permit, you will need to apply before the 30 days of your existing visa.

Application fee:

• Work permit fee: $155
• Open work permit holder fee: $100
Submit Through:

Types of Canadian work permit

There are two types of Canadian work permits you can apply for according to your choice. These are

1# Temporary foreign worker program

This type of work visa applies to those who have to apply for a Labour Impact Assessment for foreigners.

2# In the National Mobility Program

To apply for this work Visa, the applicant does not need to have LMIA or A Labour Market Impact Assessment.

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Eligibility Criteria

• You must provide proof of leaving Canada after work.
• No criminal record.
• Your health is good physically and mentally.
• Show your account balance or you have enough money to accommodate yourself in Canada.
• Not work or job for ineligible person.
• You cannot work for those who mostly offer adult entertainment services.
• You must be an obedient citizen and follow the rules of the Canadian government.
• You will need to all the required documents with proper authentication.
• Documents Required for Canadian work Visa process
• You will need to collect all the required documents to apply for a Canadian work visa.
• Completed application forms
• Proof of status in Canada (if applicable)
• proof of Family member’s status (if applicable)
• Labour Market Impact Assessment (if appropriate)
• A written offer of your employment (if applicable)
• Your CV or Resume
• Marriage certificate (if applicable)
• Police clearance certificates (no criminal record)

Process to apply for Canadian work Permit

If you are a foreign national and want to apply for a Canadian work Visa, visit the official website of Canadian Immigration refugees Citizenship.

Or you need to submit the application form to the Canadian Visa office. Most of the work permits need a job offer from your Canadian employer. So, first you need to select which type of Canadian work permit you want.

For the LMIA work visa you should need to submit the application at

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