Apartment 413 Trailer Dives Into the Claustrophobic Horrors of Being Trapped at Home

The burdens of life are too relative for the modern movie buff, and that seems to be the focus of director Matt Patterson’s latest film. Apartment 413. The film follows Marco, a father-to-be who is desperately looking for a job so he can provide for his pregnant girlfriend and their future child. Over the days, Marco continues to try and fail to find work, the pressure begins to reach him. Because mysterious phone calls, notes and other phenomena happen; Marco begins to lose touch with reality and this threatens his life with those he loves.

Watching only the trailer, the film seems to promise an exciting but large-scale breakdown of our character. At first, the trailer begins sweetly and sadly, showing Marco’s daily routine and routine as he continues to make phone calls and send resumes. But as cuts between activities accelerate, the trailer begins to show signs of breaking point. Soon Marco starts shouting in the mirror, the walls start to shake and peek inside, knives and weapons appear briefly on the screen. Apartment 413 soon transforms from a soothing but modest home into a cage of madness and rage.

Although the film does not promise anything with a maximum scale like a regular blockbuster, the brief flashes of performances seem to be the main burden for this project. Nicholas Saenz seems to invest everything in the little treats that are shown for his role. The choice of melancholic music also carries the promise of a story that is as heartbreaking as it is nervous and tense. Only from the trailer the script seems to draw inspiration from such stories as Death of a merchant but with a more intense and terrifying ending to the story. And placing the film entirely in the apartment itself brings an additional sense of claustrophobia to both the characters and the audience.

Poster for apartment 413

Director Matt Patterson has directed various short films such as 2009 A long night is ahead,, Living People, 2012 enjoy your meal, and 2016 the sea. The film was written by Ron Maid, this is its first author, but it has a history as a producer of the TV series From Russia with a motive and production manager of the TV series Lost n ‘Found. The film stars Nicholas Saenz as Marco, whose latest acting credits are from 2020. # Slaughterhouse and Persecutor. The role of Dana, Marco’s girlfriend, is Brea Grant. Grant’s last acting credits were in 2020. The stylist,, Lucky and Happy. The mechanic is Dave Buckman, and John Michael Simpson is credited as an inspector. The participating production companies are Matter Media Studios, One Chameleon Entertainment and Two Birds. The shooting was done in Austin, Texas.

Apartment 413 had its initial premiere at Cinequest in San Jose on March 8, 2019. It was later screened at the Austin Film Festival on October 20, 2019. Terror Films plans to release Apartment 413 on Digital Download on September 17, 2021.

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